How to save your MacBook from water or liquid damage

How to save your MacBook from water or liquid damage


Your chance of success depends greatly on the liquid spilled. A glass of water and you might be lucky. If it was a glass or baileys you’d probably be better off downing the bottle.

Don’t be a fire starter

It’s important that you stop anything worse than spilling your drink on your laptop from happening. Stop the spillage and disconnect the laptop from power – carefully. You don’t want to get an electric shock – wet hands, and a wet plug don’t mix.

Next press and hold the power button – again, be careful. If you have something like a pencil handy we suggest you use this to press the power button as it won’t conduct electricity.

How to save a soaked laptop

Follow these steps, and good luck!

  1. Having stopped the spillage and cut the power the next step is to turn the laptop over in a bid to drain the liquid out.
  2. The next step is to remove the battery if you can. Chances are this isn’t an option though as most Macs bought in the last decade will have built-in batteries that can’t easily be removed.
  3. Once the water has drained off grab some absorbent cloth and use it to dab the exterior of your Mac dry. You can also try using a cotton bud to dry any ports and vents.
  4. If you have the necessary tools and know-how, you could open your Mac up and attempt to dry the insides. This will, of course, void your warranty, but since you already did that when you drowned your Mac, that’s hardly relevant anymore. This step is really only for the experts though. If you are able to, then remove the battery, memory, and so on, and attempt to expose the logic board so that you can dry it.
  5. You may benefit from removing and cleaning the keys – especially if the drink is likely to make things a bit sticky.
  6. To help your Mac dry out you could turn on the central heating, or grab a hair dryer, but use a low heat setting and don’t put it too close to your Mac or you may do further damage.
  7. Another option is to sit your laptop near a fan. Just increasing the flow of air will help evaporate the water.
  8. You can also try the rice trick (often recommended for drying out wet iPhones) You need to transfer your damp Mac into a big bowl of uncooked rice and cover it completely. Leave it like that for about 48 hours. Apparently the rice will absorb the moisture. But beware, you may end up with rice residue in the ports.
  9. Once you are happy that your Mac has dried out, you can attempt to turn it on again. If you are very lucky you may find it powers up again and springs into life. If it does we recommend immediately making a back up if you didn’t already have one.

If your MacBook doesn’t turn on, you should bring to the Apple store nearby your place for further checking and diagnostic. They might help you to fix it or find a better solution.


Source: Macworld