Here’s the truth of iPhone X for water resistant!

water-resistant-iphone-x-IPHONEFEATURES0917Technically the iPhone X is water-resistant, but it is basically waterproof. Your iPhone X is waterproof when submerged up to one meter (roughly three feet) in water.

You can tell if the iPhone X is waterproof or water-resistant by looking at it’s IP rating. An IP rating, which stands for International Protection Rating or Ingress Protection Rating, lets you know how dust-resistant and water-resistant a device is.

An IP rating consists of two numbers — the first is dust-resistance and the second is water-resistance. The IP rating of the iPhone X is IP67, which means it scored the highest level of dust-resistance and second highest level of water-resistance. The iPhone X is completely dust-resistant and water-resistant up to about in a meter of water.

Even though the iPhone X is waterproof when submerged up to about one meter in water, your warranty or protection plan will not cover liquid damage. This is also true for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. So, think carefully before showing off this cool party trick to your friends and family!